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A Hindu woman and her Jewish soulmate have married in what is believed to be the UK's first interfaith lesbian wedding. and when people jokingly refer to being gay as sinning, don't pay attention to them. because they don't have religion in their lives the way we do.

About all religions. We hesitate to explore this topic, because the main protagonists -- religious/social conservatives vs. the LGBT community and their allies -- tend to have very strong, fixed, and conflicting views on the rate and causes of suicide among gay and lesbian youth.

Gay and lesbian persons have always been full participants in the practices of. Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, but usually their participation has been. persons. Photograph by.

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Given the primacy of religion in the civil rights movement, this work also looks at the ways religious conviction did and did not motivate lesbians and gays in the movement.
Movie: Freedom Indivisible: Gays and Lesbians in the