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Я не оправергаю факт того, что Александр был геем. Но меня задевают не коментарии зрителей на этот счёт, а нестабильная позиция Фаррелла, и его высказывания типа, что из-за якобы провала этой...

Colin Farrell is not gay. He has a gay older brother and he respects and supports gay rights, so he is more than happy to play parts with gay scenes. (A Home at the End of the World and Alexander) He also have two children.

Hollywood hell-raiser COLIN FARRELL is looking forward to playing the role of ALEXANDER THE GREAT - even though he'll be performing sex scenes with men and women. The acting star will play the title role in OLIVER STONE's forthcoming...

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[Фильмы] Alexander | Александр- 2004. Alice Knopf 15 июн 2011 в 17:39. И все, ВСЕ (вся съемочная группа и актерский состав) высказывались в сторону Фаррелла только положительными словами.

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'Alexander' movie: Colin Farrell as 'gay (or bisexual) hero' in Oliver Stone epic historical mess. Two-time Academy Award winner Oliver Stone (Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July) is no stranger to controversy.

Farrell, a confirmed heterosexual, had fun explaining to me why he chose two 'gay' roles in a row this year. "It had to do with the characters, the movies and the scripts," he answers. Photo credit: Colin Farrell in ALEXANDER. Warner Bros.

In 2005, Colin Farrell credited his gay brother for his, Colin's, portrayal of Alexander the Great as a bisexual young king. He spoke then of how Eamon had been taunted at school in what has been a staunchly Catholic country...

Elizabeth Taylor as Helen of Troy in Dr Faustus, 1967. Похожее изображение. Alexander the Great Movie Gay Colin Farrell. Картинки по запросу киноактеры ирландии колин фаррелл. Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great in Alexander.

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