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Here is a paper arguing against same-sex marriage that (in part) makes exactly the case I've outlined above. tl;dr I'm not against gay marriage on principle.

Gay Marriage Can't Be a Real Marriage. The most simplistic argument against gay marriage is to look at a dictionary.

Alan keyes sets people strait on the issue of gay marriage in a debate with Barack Obama.

Homosexuals speak out against same-sex marriage. Homosexuals Against Gay Marriage - part 2 of 5 - Продолжительность: 5:36 AdamAndEveNotSteve 5 548 просмотров.

-Marriage is a religious institution. It's has it's own laws based on religion, and most agree against Gay Marriage. I've listed 4 "Secular" arguments.

Those against gay marriage argue that marriage is between one man and one woman and allowing gay marriage would destroy the traditional family, which defenders of this idea value.

Biblical Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage. Summary: The gay marriage debate has become a contentious issue on the national scene.

However, the Republican Party believes that it does have concrete arguments against gay marriage, which are logical and grounded in fact.

6. "Gay marriage will confuse the terms 'husband' and 'wife', or 'mother and 'father'." 11. "Public opinion polls show most people are against gay marriage."

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) activist collective Against Equality states that "Gay marriage apes hetero privilege... [and]...

Gays Against Gay Marriage is for all Gays who do NOT want the same rights as everyone else....

In the beginning of Michael Bronski's commentary "A Gay Man's Case Against Gay Marriage," he explains that argument against marriage is the best argument against same-sex marriage (Bronski...

Whenever there is debate on gay marriage it involves social as well as legal arguments and it can be for or against the topic of legalizing gay marriage.

30 states have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. Arguments against: Religious freedom: For most Americans, marriage is a religious sacrament or ceremony.
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