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Is James Franco gay? The actor decided to take on the rumors about his sexuality in a bizarre, new interview that's unlike any other. The actor interviewed himself for Four Two Nine Magazine with the straight side of himself sitting down for a chat with the gay side of himself.

Is james franco the actor gay? Is James Franco gay or is he just a really good actor? What are ALL the gay roles/characters that James Franco the actor has played?

История жизни гей-активиста и издателя популярного журнала "Young Gay America" Майкла Глатца (Michael Glatze), который Вряд ли Брент Корриган (Brent Corrigan) станет поклонником новой драмы Джеймса Франко (James Franco) об индустрии гей-порно начала 2000-х годов.

James Franco: 'I'm A Little Gay'. When it comes to his sexuality, the actor-provocateur is as coy as ever. James Franco's affinity for gay-themed film projects have prompted widespread speculation about his sexuality for years.

James Franco and Zachary Quinto stage promotional gay kiss ... 2048 x 1538 jpeg 144kB. James Franco is Doing Some Shirtless Musical Writing in ... Yeah, I'm a little gay, says actor James Franco ...
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